O3 Medya was established on 14 March 2014 in partnership with Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC), the biggest media group of the Middle East and North Africa region.

Encouraged by the great interest attracted by and increasing demand towards Turkish TV shows in the Middle East and at a global scale, O3 Medya has commenced its operations in Turkey as a branch of O3 Production Services, the production company of MBC group broadcasting in 19 countries.

The staff of O3 Medya, the producer of TV shows A Part of MePretty Little Liars,  Queen of the Night, Friends Forever, Altınsoylar, Wounded Love, Evermore, Gulizar and Mehmed The Conqueror consists of the leading professionals of the industry with expertise in their respective fields, creativity, and proven success in the international arena.

 O3 Medya” Shoots the First Turkish TV Show for Netflix:

Breaking new ground as a production company that shoots the first TV show for Netflix, O3 Medya aims at continuing its success in this industry also in the segment of digital content production.

O3 Medya’s vision:

As the leading production company of Turkey, to penetrate into the markets of other countries and to further enhance the quality and raise the bar for the Turkish TV shows also in the digital media as it is the case with TV industry.