Countdown Started For The New Series

Countdown started for new period series of O3 Medya 

Preparations for the period TV series of the new season whose production was undertaken by O3 Medya with the creative production and direction undertaken by Yağmur-Durul Taylan and which is waited with great curiosity by the viewers are continuing with full speed.

First leading actor of the project, Halit Ergenç made his agreement with O3Medya and signing process is completed. For the ostentatious project of the new season which will cover events in Izmir during 1919 with the leading actor as Halit Ergenç, the producers are making negotiations with many actors and actresses in and out of the country.

These negotiations are directly executed by Taylan Brothers who are also delegated in the creative producer staff of O3 Medya and undertook to direct the TV series and also by the project developer Nermen Eroğlu.

The TV Series was written by Necati Şahin and Nuran Evren Şit and shooting process will be started in August. Preparation for special sites in various areas of Istanbul, Izmir and Aegean Region are started.

In addition to main sites of the series, decors are built on a special plateau in Istanbul for the project in line with the general impression and feeling of the period it covers. The art group made up of 100 people is diligently working on this special décor containing Izmir Kordon Coast and neighborhoods of the period and it is planned to be completed in 4 months.