The new season trailer of İstanbullu Gelin is broadcasted

The new season trailer of the series İstanbullu Gelin is broadcasted. The new season of İstanbullu Gelin, which is followed by everyone as breathless, is being waited by the series-lovers. The new season date of the series, which binds the viewers with its exciting story, is determined. So, when the new season of İstanbullu Gelin shall be broadcasted?

The First Episode of the New Season of İstanbul produced by O3 Medya, in which the leading roles are shared by Özcan Deniz and Aslı Enver, shall be on Star on September 22nd, Friday at 20:00 hrs.!  Two loved names join the team in the second season of the series, which is watched with interest on Friday evenings; Tamer Levent and Murat Aygen. The master actors who shall meet the viewers with their surprise roles shall provide a new excitement to İstanbullu Gelin with the characters they shall play.

In the season’s final which left the viewers breathless; where Süreyya, whom we see in the airport, is going, whether she shall forgive Faruk or not and whether their love full of passion shall overcome this problem are issues of great concern.