Surprise Wedding in the Queen of the Night

TV watchers will be surprised this week by “Queen of the Night” which is produced by O3 Turkey, directed by Yağmur & Durul Taylan brothers, and Meryem Uzerli, Murat YıldırımUğur Polat, Selim Bayraktar,Funda Eryiğit, Seda Akman, Burak Deniz and Deniz Celiloğlu being the principal performers.  Aziz (Uğur Polat) surprises everybody with a snap decision, and gets married with Selin (Meryem Uzelli).  Beautiful performer Meryem Uzelli appeared before the cameras in a wedding gown for the first time in the movie shooting realized in the mansion with Aziz (Uğur Polat) in Beylerbeyi.  Italian crepe and transparent lacework were used for the gown, and it has the signature of Tuvana Büyükçınar.

Cheerful and funny behaviors of the performers attracted attention in the all day shooting event, and Meryem Uzelli and Uğur Polat posed for cameras as bride and groom.   Uzelli, wearing a wedding gown for the first time, sparkled with her beauty, and her appealing behaviors energized the film set.

Selin (Meryem Uzelli), who had to accept proposal of Aziz (Uğur Polat) to protect the man she loves, starts the preparations of a surprise wedding.  Kartal (Murat Yıldırım) learns this, and he is not backward in coming forward.  He tries to dissuade Selin.  However, this is not so easy as he thought.

New episode of Queen of the Night, full of surprises,  is on Star TV at 20.00 on 16th of February