A Part Of Me
Director: Ulaş İnaç, Sadullah Şentürk, Hakan İnan

A Part Of Me

Defne and Kahraman can’t have kids. One day a woman called Elif, a simple villager, falls in love with Kahraman. It doesn’t take long for Kahraman to realize he is attracted to Elif as well. Elif starts working at Yörükhan, Kahraman’s family mansion.

Defne wants to have a kid badly and makes Elif a surrogate. Elif will carry Kahraman and Defne’s baby to term. But Elif’s eggs are accidentally used instead of Defne’s, and the baby she is carrying is hers. She is unaware of this situation and still thinks she’s carrying Kahraman and Defne’s child. Kahraman is also unaware of this situation. Defne discovers the truth and goes mad. She tells Kahraman the truth, and he throws a fit. He is furious.

Later on, Defne finds out that Kahraman and Elif love and are secretly meeting each other, and she grows even angrier. She tries to break them up, but fails. Meanwhile, a man named Maksut is in love with Elif. Therefore, Defne forms an alliance with Maksut. But Elif is not in love with Maksut. Defne and Maksut’s plan to break up Kahraman and Elif, forcing Elif to marry Maksut. Defne will be with Kahraman and try to make him forget about Elif. It will not be easy for Kahraman and Elif to deal with Defne and Maksut’s evil plans.


Ulaş İnaç

Sadullah Şentürk

Hakan İnan


Muharrem Buhara

Özlem Atasoy

Kerim Ceylan

Bektaş Topaloğlu


Özcan Deniz (Kahraman)

Hatice Şendil (Elif)

Begüm Kütük Yaşaroğlu (Defne)

Gürbey İleri (Kerem)

A Part Of Me