Director: Zeynep Günay Tan


Nominee for Best Telenovela at the 46th International Emmy Awards

The beautiful and kindhearted Süreyya is a talented musician. After graduating from a conservatory, she jumps into the music industry, working as a back vocalist and singing in commercial jingles. She leads a modest life, living with her aunt, her only relative. But her life changes forever once she falls in love with Faruk Boran, a wealthy and handsome businessman with family roots in the city of Bursa.

Boran’s family is one of the oldest, richest and most noble families in Turkey. The family is led by Esma Sultan, the mother of Faruk and his three brothers. Faruk is his mother’s favorite, and she has big plans for him, including arranging a marriage with a wealthy bride of her choice. But Faruk leads an independent life and is unaware of his mother’s plans. When he falls deeply in love with Süreyya and proposes to her, she says yes.

Having no knowledge of these deep family ties and old traditions, Süreyya accepts Faruk’s invitation to meet his mother in their Bursa mansion to announce their engagement. Their arrival is a great shock for the ambitious mother, who will not easily accept this stranger brought in by her son. Süreyya hopes that Esma Sultan will eventually get to know her and accept her as her daughter-in-law, but Esma Sultan is a very difficult woman. Things will get more and more complicated, and life inside the 400-year-old mansion will not be as happy as the couple hoped.


Zeynep Günay Tan

Deniz Koloş


Deniz Akçay Katıksız

Armağan Gülşahin


Özcan Deniz (Faruk)

Aslı Enver (Süreyya)

İpek Bilgin (Esma)

Tamer Levent (Garip)

Fırat Tanış (Adem)

Salih Bademci (Fikret)