Ferhat and Şirin
Director: Mehmet Ada Öztekin

Ferhat and Şirin

One night outside his shop, a young man, Ferhat, hears a young woman, Şirin, in distress and uses his skills as a street fighter to save her. They fall in love and Şirin, who is an orphan, takes Ferhat to her family home to meet her older sister.

Banu, clearly the matriarch of the family, welcomes Ferhat to the family’s huge mansion and offers him a job as a bodyguard in the family business. Ferhat accepts the job so he can stay close to Şirin. It quickly becomes clear that the family business is illegal arms trading and gambling.

Şirin has never wanted to be involved in the family business and has immersed herself in playing the cello. Şirin, who engaged to be married, now wants to leave this life behind and escape with Ferhat. But Şirin is reluctant to leave her beloved sister, who has looked after her for her whole life.

To make matters worse, Banu also has fallen for Ferhat. Can Şirin, out of loyalty to her sister, put aside her love for Fehat and desire for a new life? Or will she risk everything and keep him for herself?


Mehmet Ada Öztekin


Savaş Korkmaz


Cansu Dere (Banu)

Tolga Sarıtaş (Ferhat)

Leyla Tanlar (Şirin)

Ferhat and Şirin