Happily Ever After
Director: Metin Balekoğlu

Happily Ever After

What would you do if you had to organize the wedding of a man who left you at the altar?

It was five years ago. Leyla and Sarp were in their early twenties, and head over heels for each other. Even though their families were against it, they decided to get married. The wedding day arrived. Leyla was at her most beautiful, walking down the aisle in her wedding dress. But Sarp never came!

Our story starts five years later. Leyla now works for a wedding planning company and is very successful. Nothing can go wrong at a wedding she has organized! Meanwhile, Sarp has settled in the USA, graduated from university and served as the head of a hotel chain. He has also met Melisa and asked her to marry him. Sarp and his fiancé want to get married back in Istanbul and start their new life there. But life does not go as planned... The person who is to organize Sarp and Melisa’s luxurious wedding in Istanbul is none other than Leyla! Because Sarp’s new mother-in-law just happens to be Leyla’s boss.

Leyla will have to face her trauma after years of trying to forget it. It won’t be easy for Sarp either. Leyla wants revenge because he left her at the altar. There begins our exciting, loud and romantic story.


Metin Balekoğlu


Pelin Karamehmetoğlu

Aksel Bonfil


Elçin Sangu (Leyla)

Ozan Dolunay (Sarp)

Yasemin Allen (Melisa)

Happily Ever After