Love Tactics
Director: Emre Kabakuşak

Love Tactics

Aslı is a popular blogger who doesn’t believe in love. Kerem is a flirtatious lady’s man who is only after one-night stands.

Aslı decides to prove the power of her blog’s dating hacks when one of her followers denies their effectiveness… By finding a man and making him fall in love with her! Meanwhile, Kerem makes a similar bet with his best friend Tuna. Kerem will find a woman and make her fall in love with him with his Casanova charms.

Aslı and Kerem each try to woo the other with their different love tactics, but instead of bringing them together, it causes them to butt heads. After a series of funny coincidences and shenanigans, the pair will reach their happy ending… But as with every love story, the road is long and arduous!


Emre Kabakuşak


Pelin Karamehmetoğlu


Demet Özdemir (Aslı)

Şükrü Özyıldız (Kerem)

Atakan Çelik (Tuna)

Doğukan Polat (Emir)

Özgür Ozan (Servet)

Deniz Baydar (Cansu)

Hande Yılmaz (Ezgi)

Ecem Atalay (Hande)

Yasemin Yazıcı (Meltem)



Love Tactics